Some of our latest and greatest projects

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Experience the pinnacle of online excellence with our premium website, meticulously crafted with bespoke design and functionality. Inspired by renowned industry leaders such as FARFETCH.com, MYTHERESA.com, and MatchesFashion.com, our site surpasses expectations, earning an impressive 98/100 score in Google tests. Seamlessly navigate our user-friendly interface, enjoy a streamlined order completion process, and revel in the sheer pleasure of engaging with our platform.

Our cutting-edge backend software empowers you to effortlessly manage every aspect of your online store. From inventory control and seamless invoicing to generating AWBs for trusted courier services like DHL and FAN CURIER, our system handles it all. Automatic delivery tracking, one-click order management, and comprehensive marketing campaigns with detailed metrics ensure optimal performance. With integrated reports in SAGA, intuitive product and category management, multi-lingual support, and flexible currency options, our website truly caters to your global ambitions.

Unlock the freedom of managing your entire store from the palm of your hand. Our mobile-optimized platform ensures easy access and seamless control, empowering you to stay connected and grow your business wherever you go. Elevate your online presence and redefine success with our exceptional website solution.

Software Case de Ajutor Reciproc

We present to you a cutting-edge subscription-based software application that revolutionizes the management of Mutual Aid Societies, in full compliance with the latest legal provisions outlined in Government Emergency Ordinance 52/2016.

With our application, you can effortlessly generate all the necessary documents required for the smooth operation of your Mutual Aid Society with just one click. Simply input the data and click the Print button to generate them instantly.

Experience the power of your own personalized dashboard, complete with your logo, dedicated subdomain, customized documents, receipts, and more – all tailored to your specific Mutual Aid Society.

Effortlessly generate and digitally sign electronic documents using DocuSign. These documents can be sent via email to your clients, digitally signed by them, and seamlessly integrated into the online credit process.

Enhance your debt recovery rate by sending automated email and SMS notifications to clients with outstanding payments. This streamlined process significantly improves the recovery rate of overdue payments.

For more information on how our software works and to request a demo, visit our website at www.casedeajutorreciproc.ro. Unlock the true potential of your Mutual Aid Society with our innovative solution.
One Cleaning is an elegant presentation website featuring a sleek, modern design. It offers a seamless bilingual experience and boasts impressive loading speed, enhanced by cutting-edge SEO techniques.
The backend includes an intuitive administration interface, empowering easy management of prices and packages showcased on the Prices page.
Notably, this website has garnered exceptional accolades, earning a remarkable Google performance score of 98/100 and a perfect 100/100 for SEO.

"The Cast List" is your one-stop destination to discover, connect with, and cast extraordinary actors throughout Europe. With an extensive network of highly skilled and diverse talent, this platform allows both clients and actors to effortlessly find the perfect performers and projects for their needs.
- Vast European talent pool with diverse actors
- Streamlined casting process for time and resource efficiency
- Advanced search and filtering for precise talent selection
- Comprehensive actor profiles with showreels, headshots, and resumes
- Secure and confidential platform
- Industry insights and dedicated support

Geanina Craciun - rebranding

Completely rebranded Imperial Studio business into Geanina Craciun website. Obtained 95 out of 100 points on Google Page Insight tests, and placed this website on first three positions on Google Search in under six months after launch. We're also providing them with SEO services & Google Ads


Introducing our cutting-edge web application, meticulously crafted from scratch and currently utilized by a prestigious banking company.
Harnessing the power of our tailor-made PHP framework, the server-side of our application seamlessly connects with a MySQL database to efficiently process and replicate data. Our ingenious custom-made database distributed system ensures unparalleled performance.
On the frontend, we have employed the dynamic duo of jQuery and CSS to create a visually stunning and intuitive user interface. Our feature-rich application empowers bank employees to effortlessly manage customers, handle deposits, generate loans, and execute various financial processes with utmost ease. It even facilitates the generation of Excel files and reports for enhanced productivity.
To safeguard sensitive information, our application boasts enhanced security layers. Through SMS and IP-based authentication processes, we ensure foolproof access control. Moreover, our advanced access security rights prevent unauthorized execution of specific operations, maintaining airtight security protocols.
For comprehensive audits, we have implemented a robust live logging system that diligently tracks every user operation. In the event of any illicit activities, our vigilant system promptly notifies the administrator through both email and SMS alerts, ensuring swift action against any potential threats.
Experience the pinnacle of web application excellence with our state-of-the-art solution, combining unrivaled security, seamless functionality, and unmatched efficiency.

Business website & Wordpress blog

Business website with a modern design crafted for a Psychology office. Website is integrated with a Wordpress blog accesible via all URLs under /blog area.


NUBA is one of the top luxury restaurants in Romania. They requested custom-made services and applications, such as a business website, a custom made Captive Portal service on one of their locations in Bucharest and weekly assistance in IT related issues.
The purpose of Captive Portal was to collect email addresses for their Newsletter campaign which we also manage. Each Wednesday there is a CRON job on Captive Portal's server, that extracts latest email addresses and sends them in a CSV file to us.
We import those new files in MailChimp, update the newsletter template and schedule newsletters for 12 PM. Each Sunday a full report of campaign effectiveness is sent back to the client, as requested.
We also provide them a user friendly web interface to send bulk SMS to customers. This interface is connected to an external RESTfull API which allows data exchange between us and Telcom Network.


This client requested a professional business website with built in SEO. The website has been developed using Bootstrap 3.0, and a few jQuery plugins used to obtain some fancy fade in effects.
The website is also multilingual - at the moment there are two languages, but it can be easily extended. International Targeting is achieved in Google Search Console, by using alternative language URLs in meta-tags.
We also used PageSpeed Insights tool win order to achieve a fast loading page optimized for business customers mobile devices.
Another service requested by FM MEDIDENT company was to mount a few scenes in a full HD movie which should run on TVs inside their Waiting Room. As a token of appreciation for our collaboration we created two movies, one for each language on their website.


This client had a website which listed all beauty saloons in Sydney. They requested improvements like:

  • implement a 'review' system which allows users to give feedback for beauty saloons
  • location based saloon search (the browser detected client's location using his device location, and sorted the search results based on the closest location)
  • create an admin interface for friendly website administration
  • scan website for security vulnerabilities and fix them
  • update obsolete PHP functions with its latest alternatives

*) In July 2016 this website has been sold and moved to listedbeauty.com