Software as a Service & Outsourcing

Ought to Know About us

Our web development services are provided by a team of web developers who master multiple programming languages. They can work both with our design department, or with your own designer. We are specialised in custom web sites, complex web applications and web services shuch as REST-full APIs, plugins development for external software, and so on.
Bellow there is a small list with the top services we offer. For a more complete list please check Services & Technologies section.

Web Applications & Services

Custom made applications & web services created from scratch, personalised for your own needs. This includes: complex web applications (Bank management application, custom Captive Portals, eCommerce sites), RESTfull WEB Services, or small business websites.

Captive Portal & Network Management

Increase your brand awareness by creating free WiFi hotspots with your custom business page. These services allow you to gather customer data, such as emails while offering them free WiFi.

Optimization plugins & modules

All business have workflows which can be optimized. If you need to reduce the workload, or even the head counts on a process in your company you came in the right place. We will send an analyst to observe the process, and propose new solutions over it. Our top solution helped Hewlett-Packard to reduce the head counts over a process, by 80%. All by creating a complex SQL procedure which replaced human activity with server's one.

IT Solutions & Management

Our wide experience in IT infrastructure allows us to propose simple and effective solutions to complex issues. Therefore no matter how complex your issue is, it has a solution and we can provide it to you (e.g. recover lost data, software support via TeamViewer, vulnerabilities scanner, fixes for websites vulnerabilities, and so on).